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Gas Pedal
It was Friday night so hearing the bass from the barn was no surprise. The Autobots were dedicated in their promise to guard the Yeagers, but a little party at the end of the week never hurt anybody. They all liked music and just a little shindig would boost morale and strengthen bonds. It was when Tessa first requested that Bumblebee played music in the abandoned church that the majority of them danced and connected. The music meant something.
     But tonight it was a bit too loud.
     She was trying to get things together for college, paperwork and classes and books. Thank God Joshua Joyce took utter and complete care of the financial aspect or she and her father might have exploded from the complications. But even so the music was way too loud for her to concentrate. With a mildly irritated sigh she put her laptop on her desk and descended down the stairs, streaks of white, blue, and pink lights leaking through every window she passed. They may have b
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Happy Mothers Day, Ma
Sighing, Ronald walked down the silent streets of London. It was considerably early in the morning, and technically he didn't even have to be up to get to work for another three hours or so, but the junior Reaper had something important he needed to do.
Knox turned onto Stoke Newington High Street, this time his feet dragging. The usually upbeat youngster felt as if he was carrying a pack of lead on his back, keeping his movements slow and cautious. Memories seeped back into his mind, back to when he was just a little boy.
"You almost have it, Ronnie." The strawberry blonde woman said as she smiled down at the boy, her fingers shifting through some sheet music. She then pointed to a staff on the first page, marked measure 32. "You just need to watch the key change here. See how the A becomes flatted?"
The nine year old boy peered over to the page, nodding. "What's the key for that again?" he asked, his mind drawing a blank. It seemed key changes into flats and sharps were his worst
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The Ericas
I hate to watch your pain.
Faded memories, broken wings,
And yet you insist. Your heart still sings.
Days pass and I fight to stay sane
The pain in my chest, refusing to wane.
And as I watch you and your daily things,
I wonder what's next, what pain shall bring.
I wait for the rain.
And when the day is made of black,
On your cheek a kiss; just one.
Down my cheeks there roll the tears
and I shall cry, my voice may crack.
I will remember the days when we were young.
Your pain is gone. Goodbye to you, goodbye to years.
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When the Angels Fall
     Overtime. Great. The blonde male grumbled bitterly as he fingered the pages of his slightly disorganized work. It was all that little pipsqueak's fault he even had overtime. He just had to make a fuss the minute the word was even thrown at him, so of course the 'more mature' Reaper got the heavier load.
      "Alright," Eric Slingby sighed as he checked his ledger for the next name on his list. A Jaime Thatcher was scheduled to die at 2:30am from a severe case of TB. The well built male tipped his head up to look at the colossal clock tower. It was 2:25 now. He had about five minutes to slither soundlessly through the vacant streets and take the twenty-three year old's life.
      Slingby approached his destination, and with about two minutes to spare. Quick to choose a place to spectate, Eric chose to take an orchestral seat of sorts. He was right up close to the action, yet undetectable to the
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Knee Slapper SebastianxUT :iconobsessivexd:ObsessiveXD 6 2
Dude, Where's My Agni?
With a groan the young Bengal Prince rolled over in his bed and glared at the streak of light that peeked out from behind his curtains. It was way too early to be up! "Agni," he grumbled from under his goose down quilt. "Agni, shut the curtain." When the stream of light didn't disappear Soma huffed and turned over. "Agni, shut the curtain!" he ordered again, curling into a ball. Once the Prince turned over again, the sun was still right in his eye!
With a huff Soma sat up, throwing the covers off himself. Letting out a low moan of complaint he rubbed his tired, liquid golden eyes, swinging his feet over the bed until they reached the floor. The now irritated brat reached his hands upward and stretched with an obnoxiously loud yawn, one intended to wake his pale haired servant, should he be sleeping. Again, he called for his servant. "I'm hungry, Agni! Make some curry!" His order was greeted by silence. "Agni!" he whined loudly, standing up. "I said I want curry!" Silence yet again. Was
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DEV ID Grell-kun by ObsessiveXD DEV ID Grell-kun :iconobsessivexd:ObsessiveXD 6 9
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:bulletred:drawn by the lovely Xychi-Ai
Hello, hello! Guess who's returned with Transformers fics?

God, I missed this fandom so much!



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